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Basic systems...

Basic system
Due to the rate of improvements on all aspects of computer systems it is no longer possible to set out the details of all the components required for a desktop system.

The number and complexity of cases alone, along with the variety of motherboards, processors, graphics cards, fans, ethernet cards etc have made it unrealistic to keep updating the changes in availability and price.

Let us know what you want to use the computer for and we will custom design one to meet your requirements.

Just a very small selection of the stock we offer.
SAMSUNG S24E510C Full HD 24" Curved LED Monitor     £155.00
AOC e2270Swhn Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor     £87.00
AOC e2270Swn Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor     £79.00
ACER S220HQLBBD Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor     £95.00

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Home Users

Health checks
Is your pc or laptop running slow?
Are you getting a blue screen?
Are you getting pop ups and warning messages?
If the answer is yes, our IT engineers can come to your home and give your IT system a much needed health check.

Are you worried about internet security and online threats?
Has your pc become infected with a virus?
Our engineers can detect and get rid of viruses/spyware/malware and advise and install the latest software to combat these threats.

Back ups
Have you lost precious photos or important files?
When was the last time you backed up your data?
Our engineers can show you how to back up your systems and advise and install the most appropriate back up device for your IT system.

Set ups
Are you struggling to set up your IT system? Our engineers can set up:
New computer systems
Wireless Networks
Xbox, Wii, PS3 online set ups
Media centre and home server set ups

Do you need advice on choosing the best products for your IT System?
Our engineers have a vast knowledge of the most up to date technology and can advise, supply and install products tailored to your requirements.

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