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We will arrange site hosting for any size of website. (Sites with a large number of photos or other graphics and/or animation require more bandwidth this increases the cost)

Generally hosting is from 8 per month with a minimum term of 1 year.

Contact us with your requirements for a personalised quotation.

Tips & advice.
Web hosting is a key aspect of the Internet. Whether you wish to utilize the Internet for an online business, an information resource, a discussion forum, or sharing views on a hobby or interest, you must use a web hosting service that will allow everyone else to view your creation. It is web hosting that empowers you to share information, sell prodcuts and services, and interact with people through a web site. Therefore, it is essential that the process of selecting a web hosting provider for your Internet presence include some sort of research and review before jumping in.

In the heyday of the Internet giving things away for free was so fashionable that a lot of companies wasted millions of pounds giving things away, before they went under. If you wish to run an e-commerce site or would like to generate an income from your web site, it is recommended that you seek a good paid host. There will always be the desire to keep expenses down or to cut corners, but one must take the complete picture into account. On the Internet the first impression a visitor (potential customer) gets is everything. They can easily go to another web site to seek information or to make a purchase, so you have to keep your visitors on your site. You want them to see a professional business or information web site that they can trust, not one that is too cheap to pay for a professional service.

Your particular needs are crucial in determining the kind of hosting you need as web hosting comes in many different flavors and at equally numerous price points. There are many web hosts who try to justify charging higher than average prices by offering a vast assortment of extra features. Many people don't need all these bells and whistles and never end up taking advantage of them. But by offering tons of extras that almost no one will use, some web hosts can jack up their rates. So its important that you know what services you require.

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